edible perennials for the beginner gardener


Edible perennials for the beginner gardener… this short video talks about planting berries and rhubarb and why you might want to. A good way to get your feet wet so to speak in the world of gardening and gain some confidence in your efforts if this is new to you.

The gal in this video however exhibits some concern over having to rebuy strawberrie plants every year, and she is right. This is totally unnecessary. Strawberries will send out runners and take over their beds in short order, settling into their own rhythm of heavy production one year and sending out babies the next.

If you have a small crop one year, the next should improve. Just straw over in winter if you live in a colder climate, and set them into a well composted patch at the get go, and you should be in berries for years to come.



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